Objective: Prohibit cellphone use and texting while driving

Cellphones are a key source of distraction while driving. Most states already have laws against texting and driving for all drivers.

Enforcement Team is in progress.
Target Date: January 2018

1 Support statewide initiatives to ban cellphone use and texting while driving

Current State of Missouri law prohibits texting while operating a motor vehicle for people age 21 and younger. It also prohibits any person operating a commercial vehicle from using a wireless communication device to send, read, or write a text or electronic message. Teams will work together to support current bills under consideration by the Missouri General Assembly to broaden these restrictions to include all drivers and to ban cellphone use for all ages while driving. 

Letters of support may begin upon start of the 2018 legislative session; this will be ongoing.

Enforcement Team is planning for this task.
Target Date: January 2018

Ban texting while driving for all drivers in city limits

The Enforcement Team will introduce an ordinance to amend Chapter 14 of the City Code of Ordinances to ban texting and driving in the City of Columbia for all drivers. Current state law only prohibits texting while driving for people age 21 or younger.

Enforcement Team completed this task.
Target Date: December 2017