Zero deaths or serious injuries by 2030

We can achieve this goal with Vision Zero.

Across the country, Vision Zero cities are saving lives by transforming streets into places that preserve safety, health, and equity. Columbia, Missouri is ready to take the next step. Vision Zero means safe streets for everyone.

Free Driver's Ed and Bike Education Classes

We offer free classes to income-eligible applicants to help you travel safely while driving or biking

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Data-driven strategies

Vision Zero uses strategies that have been studied and proven to make streets safer.
These include things like:

Reducing unsafe speeds

Redesigning streets

Community outreach campaigns

Equitable traffic enforcement

Vision Zero Action Plan guiding principles


We will address the disproportionate number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries among vulnerable populations


We will use data to identify the location, behaviors, and circumstances that are related to fatal and serious injury crashes


We will set out clear objectives, measure performance against them, and communicate progress to the public


We will build support for Vision Zero efforts among City staff, City Council, Boards and Commissions, partner organizations, and community members

Recently Completed Initiatives

Follow our progress as we carry out the Action Plan to make Columbia's streets safe for everyone