To Do: Enhance the driver safety training course provided by Columbia Public Schools

The Education Team will work with Columbia Public Schools to enhance the existing driver safety training course offered through the summer school program for local high school aged youth.

Education Team completed this task.
Target Date: March 2018

Train-the-Trainer & Teacher Resources

In May 2018, PedNet Coalition provided a train-the-trainer session to all of Columbia Public Schools' driver course instructors. The training addressed Vision Zero, safe street design, and walking and biking laws. PedNet also provided presentations to the teachers to allow them to easily integrate this information into their classes.

The Vision Zero Education Team also arranged for guest speakers to present to the students in the driver course. A Columbia Police Department school resource officer discussed driver enforcement and a City of Columbia engineer instructed students on types of street infrastructure that may be initially confusing.

The Education Team is also partnering with Columbia Public Schools to begin pursuing the possibility of a year-round driver safety training course that may incorporate an online format. This would allow CPS to reach more students and would alleviate the barrier of having a limited number of certified instructors in the school system.