Objective: Create a Crash Analysis Team

The team will analyze fatality and serious injury crashes and make recommendations for systematic improvements.

Engineering Team completed this task.
Target Date: December 2017

The Engineering Team will form a Crash Analysis Team comprised of at least one engineer, one Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) certified law enforcement officer, one professional with training and experience in emergency response (such as a firefighter or emergency medical technician), and at least one general member. The team will meet monthly on an ongoing basis with the main focus to analyze serious injury and fatality collisions that occurred over the past five years and preferably up to the last 10 years. Fact-dependent circumstances regarding the fatalities will be categorized and analyzed to determine if there were or are prevalent circumstances or elements that are similar in nature, either in behavior or physical characteristics. Since safety improvements at specific locations are not as effective as systematic improvements, the evaluation will be viewed through a systematic lens for the entire network (corridor or site-specific improvements may be recommended should data support that). The team will produce a report with recommendations regarding systematic improvements and an implementation plan.

Team will be formed by December 2017; first report by December 2018.