Objective: Reduce legal, posted speed limits

Speed is the primary factor that determines if a crash will result in a death or serious injury.

Engineering Team and Education Team are planning for this task.
Target Date: May 2019

Travel speeds that are appropriate to the context and designed to be safe is a critical foundation of Vision Zero. Roadways will be designed to encourage (or discourage) certain levels of speed. Speed limits must be clearly communicated and enforced and roadways should be designed so that the prevailing travel speed is at the speed limit. The general public must be informed and supportive of the established speed limits. Speed limit signs alone are not an effective tool for reducing travel speeds. A policy that gathers public input and support for establishing design speed parameters for new roadway construction for different roadway classifications will be created. This policy will also inform decisions about desirable speed limits for existing roads, high-risk crash areas, and provide guidance regarding steps that will be taken to lower existing speed limits if desired.

Timing for this initiative will depend on feedback from the Education Team efforts. Initial time frame May 2019, updated as part of the annual report.